Our Vision

To make Goa as the best financially managed State in the country.

The objective of Finance Department is to achieve sustainable debt, mobilize revenue to meet committed expenditure of the State, prioritize capital expenditure in various sectors which will result in multiplier effect in the economy.

Short Term Goals
a) To facilitate development and inclusive growth of the State through prudent and progressive financial management.

b) To ensure fiscal stability by staying the limits prescribed under the Goa Fiscal Responsibility Management Act, 2006.

c) To ensure that the government's financing needs and settling of obligations meet the medium term objective of low borrowing costs, prudent risk exposure and promotes an active domestic debt market.

d) To decline the curve of re-appropriations thereby making adequate provision in the respective Head of Account in the Demand of Grants of Government sector.

Medium term Goals
a) To initiate measures to keep check on the Revenue leakages and curbing wasteful expenditure of the State.

b) To ensure that the Departments follow due guidelines thereby avoiding excess payments and anomalies in the pay structure of the Government employees.

Long Term Goals
a) To ensure that appropriate consideration is given to the most effective use of funds to carry out activities and there is adequate provision made for reviewing results and adjusting plans throughout the financial year.

b) To ensure that all the funds received under Centrally Sponsored Schemes are disbursed against respective schemes without delay.

c) Increasing the revenue generation of State by issuing guidelines for timely payment of taxes/fees and reducing avoidable expenditure.

Strategic Planning
a) Finance Department will closely work in line with other Departments exploring the possibilities for increasing revenue generation by issuing necessary instructions and carrying out amendment in Acts/Rules wherever necessary.

b) Risk inherent in the structure of Government’s debt will be carefully monitored and evaluated and risks will be mitigated to the extent feasible by modifying the debt structure, taking into account low cost of doing so.

c) The department will ensure to make maximum use of the technology to bring in a transparency in financial reforms and ease access to the end users.